Pigment Power @ Lotus Salon NY

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Vincent Romaniello
Pigment Power

Extended through March 23, 2012

Lotus Salon NYC
34 N. Moore St.
New York, NY

  1. Nic said:

    I am flying over nevada. I see your furrows below!

    • Sounds beautiful. I love the view from up there. Hope you had a good flight.

  2. Tim said:

    Looks great, Vince! How do you like that space for your work?

  3. Hi Tim,

    If you are referring to the fact that it is an non-traditional space then I have to say I like that. I like to keep busy exhibiting my work and I am in good company at Lotus. And New York is a great place to show art for so many reasons. I have had a lot of interest and positive feedback about the exhibit.

    It’s nice to be back in my old neighborhood where I spent five years. I will also be included in the Brucennial 2012 which runs simultaneously and is in walking distance from the exhibit at Lotus. Hope you’ll go by and see the work in person.

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